Phoenix Lithographing Corporation announces merger with Innovation Printing & Communications and Innovation Marketing

Phoenix Lithographing Corporation, the commercial printing division of The Phoenix Group and one of the largest full-service commercial printing, packaging, mailing and fulfillment companies serving the Philadelphia and southern New Jersey markets, today announced its merger with neighboring companies Innovation Printing & Communications and Innovation Marketing. Both of the companies – whose headquarters stand less than one hundred yards apart on Caroline Road in northeast Philadelphia – have a long history of producing award- winning printing and have frequently partnered in recent years, each taking advantage of the core competencies of the other to better meet their respective clients’ needs.

Phoenix adds Bobst Expertfold folder/gluer

The Bobst Expertfold is one of the most flexible folder/gluers available, providing the capability to fold and glue more that 3,000 different box styles including, small pharmaceutical cartons, large cereal boxes and 4-corner/6-corner boxes (6 pack beer holders), all at speeds up to 150,000/per hour. The Expertfold is modular, meaning it allows us to add features based on our customer needs. This includes, braille embossing, window patching, labeling, creasing, leaflet insertion, and more! See the Bobst Expertfold in action

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