Part and parcel of our single-source mission

Both one-off projects and ongoing kitting and fulfillment programs benefit from our dedicated, state-of-the-art facility and specially trained staff.

As every job has its own specific set of business rules, we’ve become specialists in developing strategies, procedures and solutions to manage the detailed requirements of each project as per your specific goals and timelines.

Every kitted product is subjected to our rigid internal quality control standards. And, a web-based solution scalable to your ongoing program’s needs may offer an additional level of support and oversight. One of our real time solutions actually lets you view your finished goods kit inventory, including the individual items that comprise each kit. Plus, you can now make shipments and schedule future shipments online, any time, at your convenience.

Mapping out the future of your business in real time: that’s visionary technology. Which is why you brought your project to Phoenix in the first place.