Mail Services

Moving your mailing operations into the future

Our updated Mailing and Fulfillment Center combines both automated and manual processing lines to handle thousands of pieces per day. Our technology is fully integrated with United States Postal systems, reliably generating all necessary manifests, tracking data and required postal documentation in-house.

Automated mailing technologies with intelligent insertion capabilities help us to process your outbound materials accurately. And, we are able to provide you with complete shipment tracking through customized web portals.

When efficiency is key to the success of your project, depend on Phoenix Mail Services to deliver the same level of quality and service you expect from our printing facilities.

Are my files safe with Phoenix Lithographing?

Yes, we support several telecommunication protocols, including but not limited to FTP, sftp, ftps and Wam!Net. As a standard procedure files are stored in encrypted form, on multiple servers in high security facilities both onsite and off.

Are your systems firewall protected?

Yes, we have deployed state-of-the –art firewalls with redundancy, fail-over and added intelligence components to protect against new and emerging internet, web based threats. Our firewalls are also supplemented by a host of inter-related security systems that enable our IT Department to provide proactive protection to our client’s electronic information.