Superior preparation: how Phoenix keeps its colors flying

We have streamlined our pre-press production process with a workflow that provides seamless processing of your files, including pre-flighting trapping and imposition. Our pre-press color-management system, (and the expert technicians in our dedicated in-house Ink Lab) assure the quality and accuracy of our colors — and yours — actually storing every client’s exclusive profiles across manufacturing platforms, to guarantee consistency with your specifications.

With digital proofs, pre-press adjustments can be faster, more convenient (and less expensive). And final proofs will reflect exactly what you can expect to see on press.

Yet despite the most advanced technology, we believe that superior preparation starts with human skill. For every job you entrust to us, a Phoenix team member will share a proposed plan of action through our operation and personally verify the project’s integrity before sending it to press.

Long-time customers attest: It isn’t simply outstanding technology that sets Phoenix apart — but the way we partner with our clients, that helps them feel comfortable and informed at every stage.

How can I FTP files to Phoenix Lithographing?

Please contact your sales representative. At Phoenix Lithographing we provide a separate, personalized FTP location for each of our clients. This secured location ensures the integrity of your art and files.

What type of file formats does Phoenix Lithographing support?

We support most if not all file formats, including QuarkXpress (all versions), Adobe, Indesign (CS4, 5 and 5.5), Illustrator and Photoshop.

What types of proofs does Phoenix Lithographing offer?

We can provide various types of proofs including; Digital (PDF) proofs, Epson proofs and Fuji Final proofs. We also provide two-sided color impositioned proofs for construction and pagination reference.

Is on-line proofing available?

Yes, we utilize Rampage on-line proofing with email notification. It allows you to review the project, annotate it for corrections, approvals and rejections.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Ink Lab

Inks, coatings and UV’s are a printing company’s signature. Our in-house ink lab staffed by a team of experienced technicians service both our sheet-fed and web-press rooms, assuring the quality and accuracy of our colors and coating before your project ever goes to press