E-Commerce, Web to Print Portal

Phoenix’s marketing portal, Phoenix-Connex, allows distributed enterprises to store all corporate approved marketing materials in a web-accessible central repository. Organizations and their users/partners, can browse a pre-approved marketing materials catalog (virtual catalog) and order marketing materials in real-time online. Branded materials can be customized in minutes and delivered in a print or electronic format, including the generation of PURLs, using the same easy to use interface. This portal workflow tool also ties together organizations, their users/partners and Phoenix’s production seamlessly, so that everyone can track the exact status of any order or marketing program – at any point in time. This system provides real time visibility into an end to end digital, electronic and traditional paper or kit solution.

Marketing Portal Work-Flow

  1. Post corporate approved templates to the web-based portal. The brand, images, test, message and offers are closely controlled by your organization and their users marketing team.
  2. Select from the pre-approved corporate templates for collateral, direct mail and any other programs. Branded materials can be easily customized and approved on-line. Campaigns are launched in minutes right from the users/partners desktop and from anywhere in the world, improving client communication.
  3. Orders from users/partners are sent to Phoenix Litho for print-production, mail, distribution and fulfillment. All materials will be shipped as requested; automated follow-up programs such as URLs and/or emails will be launched automatically.
  4. Phoenix Litho updates the status of each job at every stage in the production process in real time. Your users/partners and their users marketing teams can track which materials are producing results, with the ability to fine tune those campaigns to improve performance.