How can I FTP files to Phoenix Lithographing?

Please contact your sales representative. At Phoenix Lithographing we provide a separate, personalized FTP location for each of our accounts. This secured location ensures the integrity of your art and data provided for your important projects.

What type of file formats does Phoenix Lithographing support?

We support most if not all file formats, including QuarkXpress (all versions), Adobe, Indesign (CS4, 5 and 5.5), Illustrator and Photoshop.

What types of proofs does Phoenix Lithographing offer?

We can provide various types of proofs including; Digital (PDF) proofs, Epson proofs and Fuji Final proofs. We also provide two-sided color impositioned proofs for construction and pagination reference.

What types of coatings are available?

At Phoenix Lithographing we can provide a number of options:

  • Varnish is a clear coating applied in-line or off-line to a printed piece. It offer protection and can enhance the finished look the piece.
  • Aqueous coating is a high gloss finish that doesn’t crack or scuff easily. It’s available in gloss, dull, satin and soft touch finishes.
  • UV coating is a clear ultra high gloss finish applied to the sheet like ink and then cured instantly with ultraviolet light. It give a piece high durability with an ultra gloss effect.
  • Textured coating is a specialty coating that adds a textured surface to provide a unique feel and look to the printed piece.
Are my files safe with Phoenix Lithographing?

Yes, we support several telecommunication protocols, including but not limited to FTP, sftp, ftps and Wam!Net. As a standard procedure files are stored in encrypted form, on multiple servers in high security facilities both onsite and off.

Is on-line proofing available?

Yes, we utilize Rampage on-line proofing with email notification. It allows you to review the project, annotate it for corrections, approvals and rejections.

Digital or Offset?

The quantity and timeframe are usually the deciding factors in whether to use digital or offset printing. With offset the image is transferred from a plate to blanket and then to a large sheet size. Digital printing is the digital reproduction of digital images on a smaller sheet size (12 x 18). It’s ideal for short run quantities. Digitaly printed sheets can be cut, scored and folded quickly whereas offset printing must dry or be coated before handling. Digital printing is ideal for producing variable data pieces in which each sheet can be personalized with both text and graphics.

What do I need to know about direct mail postal standards?

Our staff is trained in USPO mail requirements. We can help you with your mail piece design so that it meets all the regulations and work with you at getting the best postal rate available.

In what format should I send my data file for mailing?

We can work with any of the following; Microsoft Excel , Access Database files, ASCI Text files, Comma delimited files and any dbase program.

Are your systems firewall protected?

Yes, we have deployed state-of-the –art firewalls with redundancy, fail-over and added intelligence components to protect against new and emerging internet, web based threats. Our firewalls are also supplemented by a host of inter-related security systems that enable our IT Department to provide proactive protection to our client’s electronic information.