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Print Quality Checklist

Every project you print begins as a computer file—a document with colors, images, and content. To bring that file to life in the best way possible, you’ll need to ensure it’s well-prepared before sending it off to your print provider. Start each project with a true print-ready file to receive finished products that achieve everything you intend. Download a free Print Quality Checklist for helpful tips on preparing print-ready files for orders that create beautiful final products.

What's Inside

  • Guidelines on proper file preparation in five key project areas
  • Reminders to help minimize future file edits and revision costs
  • Insight on what printers need to produce high-quality products

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The Phoenix Group of Companies is a leading single-source provider of print solutions from concept to completion that produces high-quality communications to help businesses rise above the competition and overcome everyday challenges. As the ultimate printing partner offering exceptional print projects at top-notch quality, the Phoenix Group exceeds expectations of what’s possible in print so professionals can make the most of their time and money.