Environmentally Friendly Printing

From sustainable sourced raw materials to enterprise-wide recycling efforts, the Phoenix Group meets high standards as an environmentally friendly printing company. The sustainability certifications and memberships we hold and the everyday practices we follow help save energy, reduce waste, and support our clients’ own green business goals. Learn more about the value of environmentally friendly printing and how working with Phoenix can benefit your team.


  • Complete recycling program and alcohol-free printing presses
  • 100% recycling of wastepaper and aluminum plates
  • Environmentally friendly, vegetable-based printing inks
  • Print with wind-generated electricity using Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
  • Wide selection of recycled papers

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Defining Environmentally Friendly Printing

Environmentally friendly printing, or eco-friendly printing, is the practice of reducing energy and greenhouse gas emissions in printing and using renewable energy and recycled materials to produce printing projects. This can comprise a variety of things, including using environmentally friendly printing inks, coatings, or chemicals; purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) to power presses with wind-generated electricity; reducing single use plastics and recycling paper where possible in printing operations.


A print provider like the Phoenix Group with its green printing certifications and membership in sustainability-related industry organizations, is investing in their ability to run a more responsible supply chain. From materials to processes, the Phoenix Group makes an effort to save energy, reduce waste, and lower the environmental impact of our products, services, and business as a whole. Most environmentally friendly or green printing providers, like Phoenix, don’t just consider sustainability a one time effort. They also adopt a company mindset of continuous improvement, looking for new ways to enhance their environmentally friendly printing practices.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Printing Services

The Phoenix Group provides green printing services and holds various certifications and memberships to demonstrate our sustainability practices, meaning your business can purchase print projects that carry our sustainable qualities over into your company’s practices. You can feel confident that your business is now investing in products that reduce the impact on the environment, and this adds value to what your company represents in the marketplace. Transparency and corporate responsibility are important to most consumers today, and showcasing your choice to print sustainably can support your reputation as a trusted, transparent company.

Defining Environmentally Friendly Printing

The Phoenix Group brings a lot to the table in terms of sustainability and green printing practices. When you’re looking for green print services that produce exceptional products, consider what certifications and memberships a provider holds and ask about the specific processes and materials that make them an environmentally conscious company.
The Phoenix Group also offers renewable energy or electricity certificates (RECs), also known as renewable energy credits, tradable renewable certificates, or green tags. This allows our clients to specify that their project be printed with renewable energy, such as wind-generated electricity. Based on the amount of energy needed to produce a project, the Phoenix Group will purchase RECs from an energy supplier. This lets businesses like yours reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact, meet their greenhouse emission goals, and contribute to the demand for and development of renewable energy options in the market.

Ask your Phoenix representative about green printing logos for your next printing project so you can demonstrate to customers that your company cares about its environmental impact.

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