Prepress at the Phoenix Group is all about ensuring files are perfect from proof to print. With our Proof Perfect™ standard and G7 certification, we prioritize file integrity throughout the entire printing process and calibrate presses and quality control technology to produce consistent work that complies with high match standards. Nothing is lost or altered in file-ripping, plate-making, or printing, and scanners read every proof before they’re sent to you and after every round of alterations you make. Phoenix has the most advanced quality control content verification system in the industry. It’s not just good, it’s Proof Perfect™.

  • In-house, full-service prepress and ink lab
  • File acceptance for all standard graphics applications
  • Hard drive backup and recovery system
  • Color-management system
  • Pre-flighting trapping and imposition
  • 11 rampage RIP/trapping workstations
  • Digital proofs

XM Remote:
Secure online file transfer and soft proofing

Collaborate with your internal team and print partner remotely with XM Remote from Phoenix, our tool for secure online file transfer and soft proofing.

  • Secure large file sending
  • Easy soft proofing
  • Shareable annotations
  • Support for multiple users
  • User controls for viewing and editing

In-House Ink Lab

  • Expert lab technicians
  • 24-hour coverage
  • Custom ink matches
  • PMS color mixing
  • Knowledge of specialty coatings and techniques
    • Aqueous
    • UV
    • Soft Touch
    • Strike-Though
    • And More

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“Using G7 color calibration on all presses and our Proof Perfect™ process ensures our customers’ files are accurately reproduced”
-Bob, G7 Master Certified Prepress Manager, Phoenix