Printing & Mailing for Third-Party Procurement Services

In the dynamic landscape of third-party procurement services, efficient and reliable printing services play a pivotal role in streamlining operations. These services cater to the diverse needs of the industry, offering a comprehensive array of printing solutions that range from procurement documentation to marketing collateral. As an integral component of the supply chain, printing services for the third-party procurement industry contribute not only to operational efficiency but also to the creation of an impactful corporate identity.


At the Phoenix Group, we recognize the important role that third-party procurement companies play in providing print purchasing expertise and resources to major corporate and nonprofit organizations. Procurement teams need suppliers they can trust to offer cost saving suggestions, honor commitments, and respond promptly to inquiries. With our multiple diversity certifications, Phoenix can also help your third-party procurement services meet corporate diversity goals. The largest print procurement companies in the world rely on Phoenix as a trusted partner in working together to meet clients’ communication and business goals.

Print Specialties

  • Brochures, catalogs, and sell sheets
  • Direct mail letters and self-mailers
  • Variable data digital printing and short-run projects
  • Print on demand options and branded storefronts
  • Fulfillment and online ordering portals
  • Signage and wall and floor graphics
  • Professional packaging
  • Prescription inserts and product onserts

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“Phoenix is truly a value-added partner and operates as an extension of our team. You view our clients as if they were your clients—which is very powerful and separates you from all the others.”
-Mark, President, Direct Mail Agency