It’s Not Just Business It’s Personal

The Phoenix Group is one of the largest privately owned printers in the country, and we’ve learned that the best way to conduct business is to make it personal. Relationships with many of our clients go back decades, and every year we work hard to form friendships with new customers and partners in the industry. We believe in an operating model that places people at the center of everything we do, from the services we provide and the way we provide them to the best practices we follow and the goals we set for our future as a team. A commitment to respecting the value of relationships—not simply chasing short-term earnings—is what gives us continued financial stability and independence.

Once you start working with the Phoenix Group, you’re likely to work with us for years. Our job is to make you look good and build a trusted partnership with your team that produces exceptional results. Our owners, senior managers, sales reps, customer service reps, and production professionals take time to get to know our clients.

This approach is what elevates a printing provider to an ultimate printing partner. Whether you’re looking to complete complex projects or fulfill diversity spend goals, the Phoenix Group of Companies is a partner you can trust.

What Makes an Ultimate Printing Partner?

An ultimate printing partner is a provider that takes the time to understand client needs and project nuances and remember those preferences when making decisions moving forward. That also means decisions aren’t made at some far-off headquarters without any consideration of the direct impact they have on you as the client. An ultimate printing provider takes time to onboard you by ensuring every touchpoint is coordinated and completed by an internal team committed to giving you exactly what you want.

At the Phoenix Group, a dedicated group of professionals will be immediately assigned to you at the beginning of our relationship. This service support team includes a knowledgeable relationship manager,  a responsive customer service representative, and a production planner. With each member of the team detail-oriented and always at the ready to answer your questions, satisfy the current scope, and remain open for future needs, you never have to worry about off-track projects or unavailable sales reps. And in-house services are truly performed in-house, not outsourced to other groups.

And an ultimate printing provider has more than experienced service specialists and committed account managers. It also has:

  • Comprehensive in-house services
  • Streamlined production
  • Quality control processes
  • Advanced equipment
  • In-house color experts
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Cost-effective options

The list goes on, but in the end your provider should be focused on helping your company cut through market clutter and rise above the goals of every project you pursue.

The Benefits of a Single Source Provider

Finding a print partner that fulfills all needs under one roof is also important for most busy print buyers and managers. You shouldn’t have to seek multiple vendors to achieve your goals. That’s why single-source suppliers:

  • Invest regularly in printing equipment and workflow solutions
  • Operate around-the-clock production facilities
  • Maintain a large capacity to offer more capabilities

What else can businesses like yours gain from working with one print provider?

  1. Preferences Are Priorities

If you are working with a larger print organization, you often have no idea which team members are working on your projects—there’s little to no institutional memory. When all print solutions are delivered from the same team, like at Phoenix Group, nothing gets lost or falls through the cracks and everyone knows the go-to lead person on projects. Account managers and other print professionals build institutional knowledge by tracking your project management preferences.

Retaining those specific dos and don’ts isn’t about being picky—it’s about not wasting time with never-ending onboarding. When you begin your first project with a single-source provider, you have one launch meeting and the information shared in that meeting doesn’t just disappear.

If you’re particular about maintaining a bar width on all brochures produced for your company, the account manager passes that info to the press room and bindery managers, so you don’t have to repeat yourself at each stage. If you prefer five record data dumps before mailing is launched and your colleague requires two rounds of hard proofs, everything is coordinated so you don’t run into conflicts with internal communications.

It pays to work with a provider that retains and prioritizes your preferences to make every project painless.

  1. Consistency Is Certain

Single-source providers—especially those that have been in business for more than forty years—bring the kind of stability and consistency you want to see in a printing partner because their extensive experience translates into campaign coherency. Exhibiting financial stability and remaining open through periods of crisis shows you that the provider has what it takes to support your business no matter the situation. Consistency is also important, which is demonstrated through rigorous quality control processes, advanced accuracy methods, and inspection technology. This allows you to trust that the integrity of your files and the condition of your finished pieces are held to held to a higher standard.

  1. Relationships Become Reliable

Consistency also feeds into client–provider relationships that last. Find a provider, like the Phoenix Group of Companies, that boasts relationships longer than a decade or more. If you encounter a print provider that has low client and employee turnover, you know they’re doing something right. The Phoenix Group has worked with people who move to new roles in new companies and still come back to us because they had such a great experience trusting us with their printing in the past.

Plus, single-source providers often operate on the single point of contact approach to client relationships. This makes it easier to be seen, heard, and taken care of quickly when new, urgent needs arise; ensures you always have an easy way to get in touch with your provider; and guarantees that you can rely on your provider to keep track of your production and project management preferences.

Because business shouldn’t just be business. For the Phoenix Group, it’s personal.

These are only a few of the biggest benefits you can see when you finally find that ultimate single-source printing partner to exceed your print expectations. If you’re interested in working with an exceptional provider, get in touch with the Phoenix Group to explore our services and get to know how we work.

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