Phoenix Upgrades Efficient Variable Data Printing, Direct Mail & More with New Truepress Jet520HD AD

Personalization continues to be a primary area of focus for marketers today, and many professionals are tasked with designing campaigns that must reach extremely targeted audiences to manage customer relations, retain clients, or connect with new leads. They’re looking for solutions that allow them to test multiple versions of print campaigns—different offers, messages, visuals, or markets—concurrently. This means sourcing printed communication materials that are suited to highly variable personalization techniques but also designed to reach large, segmented audiences while maximizing postal discounts.

With digital printing or ink jet web printing, creating personalized print marketing is possible and at large quantities. The equipment lineup at Phoenix Group of Companies represents all the best names in state-of-the-art digital printing, like Xerox iGen, HP, and Fuji. Our most recently addition, the Screen Truepress Jet 520HD AD, is a high-speed roll-fed inkjet press and an efficient solution for producing more complex, direct mail campaigns that support variable data and increased versioning.

What Is Variable Data Printing?

Variable data printing (VDP) is the process of pulling names, addresses, headlines, sales offers, images, and other specific data from a file to alter the output of a press so that each printed piece is uniquely personalized with key information relevant to recipients or audience demographics, preferences, and interests. This technique is designed to facilitate the creation of mailers, and other products that require detailed customization. The Phoenix Group now has five presses capable of producing VDP direct mail and personalized literature.

How Does Digital Printing Support VDP?

Print vendors can achieve variable data printing for custom direct mail projects through digital presses. Marketing teams can supply their printer with large volumes of data and get help mining and organizing that data to develop personalized, versioned messaging and imagery that speaks to recipients in an engaging way. With digital roll-fed printing, as opposed to sheetfed printing, you can quickly produce unique printed materials and explore multiple testing versions and offers. There are many benefits to working with a provider like the Phoenix Group that can support direct mail campaigns with a roll-fed digital inkjet press.

  • Cost-Effective Personalization: Vary the color, text, headlines, pictures, and graphics of each printed piece for complete customization. There are virtually unlimited versioning possibilities and no additional cost associated with exploring multiple versions.
  • Added Flexibility: Digital roll-fed presses eliminate the need to pre-print letter shells and then run through a simplex or duplex laser printer. Save time and money by printing color shells and variable content at the same time.
  • Speed & Scalability: Print on demand at scale and experience greater freedom with static short runs. Digital roll-fed presses achieve faster speeds than digital sheetfed and can enable faster time to market for projects of all types and sizes.

What Does the Truepress Jet 520HD AD Offer?

The newest addition to the Phoenix Group’s impressive equipment lineup, the SCREEN Truepress Jet 520HD AD is a high-speed inkjet digital web press ideal for commercial, transactional, book-on-demand, personalized publishing, and direct mail applications. Many businesses can take advantage of its next-generation capabilities to produce printed products for retail, nonprofit, finance, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, energy, manufacturing, educations, entertainment, sports, and even politics. Inkjet printing allows efficient printing at faster speeds for a large variety of sizes and substrates.

With this high-functioning digital web technology, the Phoenix Group’s clients can experience all of the benefits that variable data printing and direct mail add to a modern marketing strategy.

  • Roll-to-roll or sheeter printing with no set repeat or cut-off length
  • Print width of 20″ and variable sheeter cut-off of 6″ to 32″
  • Standard resolution of 600 x 600 DPI to 1200 x 1200 DPI
  • Utilize coated papers (and pre-treated paper is not required)
  • Utilize a variety of paper weights and finishes from 27 lb. text to 9 pt. cover
  • Print at speeds of 50,000 pages per hour

Exceptional Print Projects

Among the largest full-service commercial print and direct mail providers, the Phoenix Group offers a wide range of services with built-in cybersecurity processes to help us serve a range of needs for businesses, including those in highly regulated industries like pharma, finance, insurance, and telecom. The Phoenix group believes it is essential to continue investing in new equipment and innovations so that we can always provide the best possible quality and efficiency to our clients.

If you’re looking for a source to produce your VDP and direct mail packages, the Phoenix Group is here to help—with lots of innovative tools like our new roll fed inkjet web press. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our digital printing services and how our latest upgrade can benefit your next project.

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